I Hate Ads.

I really do.
Like “love”, “hate” is a word I use reservedly, but I do. Hate. Ads.

It’s not just the physical repulsion I experience from being yelled at to “BUY NOW OFFER ENDS TODAY THIS IS A BARGAIN”, or from the occasionally horrid colour combinations and layouts and fonts.

It goes deeper than that.

I could be nuanced here, and discuss the difference between the soft sell and the hard sell, the informative ad, the public policy ad, and the JUST PLAIN COMMERCIAL, DECEPTIVE, SCOURGE-OF-THE-EARTH AD, but we all know that vitriol is much more fun if it’s onesided.



People trying to sell other people things they don’t need.
People trying to sell other people things they don’t want.

Not only that, I hate having the knowledge that people are being paid to sell other people things they don’t need/want.

I hate the fact that these people, the ad makers, often possess considerable artistic talent.

I hate the use of emotions in ads.
“Your visitors, are secretly judging your toilet.”

I especially hate it when something pretty comes on the screen, accompanied by soothing music, it’s generally vague but induces a pleasant sort of feeling, and then IT’S A CAR AD. I resent the ad makers’ attempt at pairing positive emotions and whatever RUBBISH it is they are selling me. PAVLOV WOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEM.

Being told that I have a need I never even knew about, that my life will be unsatisfactory unless I have this new type of deodorant, that chocolate can solve my problems, that cars have DNA – the ads are LYING AND RUINING THE WORLD, and ONLY OUT TO MAKE MONEY. And I hate it.

The more I think about ads, the less I can see ANYTHING positive about them.

Seriously, would we we be any worse off if advertising was restricted to factual information? Tell me how, now.

(And remember, anger tends to make people more analytical, and susceptible to information contrary to their prior beliefs. So if you’re in the mood for convincing me of the worth of ads, the ads have (rather ironically) done you a favour by making me SO PISSED OFF.)

Someone else has got something a bit more intelligent and measured to say, on a similar topic. And a while ago I quoted Fromm, being nice and measured but essentially saying the same thing.

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